Minding The Food Space

offers mindfulness-based interventions

to help people restore healthier relationships

with food, eating, their bodies and themselves.

what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is moment-to-moment non- judgemental awareness.

So rather than getting lost in our thought, over identified with a feeling we have about ourselves or a particular body sensation, mindfulness provides a way for us to reconnect to our present moments and our inner resources.

Mindfulness is cultivated by paying attention on purpose from moment-to-moment with an attitude of non-judgement; curiosity and compassion towards the unfolding moments of our life.

how can mindfulness help?

Julie and her colleagues can help you cultivate mindfulness and mindful eating awareness. This involves helping you notice just how much you might not be present-here, now; but rather pre-occupied or lost in your wandering mind. Practising becoming anchored in the present -experiencing moments directly and intimately help us all experience our lives in their fullness. Another aspect of training involves become more aware of your body including the different hunger and satiety signals, as well as your many senses (there are more than 5!) so that food can be savoured from moment to moment. Mindfulness training also involves becoming aware of thoughts (am I on autopilot? am I lost in thinking about what I have just eaten?) and feelings (am I sad and craving something sweet?) and how they impact the relationship with food. The use of food as an emotionally soothing object is explored.

Mindfulness and mindfulness-based eating awareness can be useful in a number of different situations:

Mindful eating for a health and wellness
Eating healthily to manage a long-term health condition while still enjoying food
Eating disorders and disordered eating where food is used to comfort yourself
Facilitating long term weight maintenance that is enjoyable and sustainable
Eating well and looking after yourself during busy and stressful times


mindfulness programmes offered in South Africa

I acknowledge and thank Charl Hattingh (www.charlhattingh.com) for his compilation of all the mindfulness programmes that are offered in South Africa today. Please see below.